Information on the impact of the NPDN

Impact of the NPDN Fact Sheet 9-16-11

National Impact of the NPDN with Plant Inspection Information 9-16-11


First Detector resources available

Emerald Ash Borer look alike poster and Thousand Cankers Disease photo clue

About This Site

Purpose of this web site

This webpage was created to inform the general public of the existence of the Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network (NEPDN) and to facilitate NEPDN committee function, activities, and organization.

Information available to the general public resides on this home page. In addition to this page, there is a NPDN National Website and the other 4 regions have their own regional websites that may contain regionally specific information. These websites can be accessed by selecting the national or regional acronym from the "NPDN Web Ring" box located on the left-hand side of this screen.

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Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network Member States

Member States


  • Connecticut-University of Connecticut
    CT Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Delaware- University of Delaware 
  • Maine-University of Maine
  • Maryland-University of Maryland
    Home & Garden Center
    Department of Agriculture
  • Massachusetts- University of Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire-University of New Hampshire
  • New Jersey- Rutgers University
  • New York-Cornell University
    Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic

    Insect Diagnostic Lab
    Long Island Hort. Research & Extension Center
  • Pennsylvania- Pennsylvania State University
  • Rhode Island- University of Rhode Island
  • Vermont- University of Vermont
  • West Virginia-West Virginia University
    West Virginia Department of Agriculture